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The Evolution of the Family Dentist

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Family dentists have become the natural choice for busy families. From routine teeth cleanings and cavity fillings to dental implants and bridgework, a family dentist has received specialized training in a wide range of dental services for all ages. Establishing a long-term relationship with a family dentist in Edina, MN, is how many families have simplified their lives and gained peace of mind.

Who Needs a Family Dentist

While some dentists specialize in treating certain age groups or conditions, a family dentist provides services for both older and younger patients. Whether it’s dentures, crowns, or extractions, a family dentist has comprehensive solutions for all ages. Here are a few reasons why more ...

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What to Look for When Choosing a New Dentist in Edina, MN

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Have you been thinking, "I need to find a dentist near me, but how do I know who to trust?" Finding the right providers for your family can be challenging, especially when all of your family members have different needs. Here are some helpful things to consider when looking for your next dentist in Edina.

Does the Office Welcome Children?

If you have kids, it's so important to find a dentist they feel comfortable working with so they will be successful at the dental office in the future. Many patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety report that is stemmed from a bad experience they had at the dentist in the ...

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Do You Have an Anxious Child? Here's How We Help Make Dental Care Easy

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Like many adults, some children experience anxiety or fear when they visit the dentist. Children have unique needs when it comes to dentistry, and it's important to work with a dentist who understands this. Here are some ways that you and your dentist can help make your child's experience pleasant and stress-free.

Begin at an Early Age

Your child can begin seeing the dentist around their first birthday, and they should visit their dentist for checkups every six months just like you do. While this may seem early, these visits help to acclimate your child to sitting in the dental chair (with you at first), letting the dentist look at their teeth, ...

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Are You Stressed Out? It Might Be Impacting Your Child's Oral Health

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Raising children in this day and age can be stressful! With so many things to manage such as homework, school events, and extracurricular activities, parents are often left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Most parents place their child's health as a top priority, but let's face it, when daily life becomes too demanding it's easy to overlook things such as oral health and proper oral hygiene. When regular brushing and flossing are not emphasized, it may fall by the wayside, which negatively impacts your child's oral health. Your family dentist in Edina has some tips for making oral health a priority.

Start at a Young Age

When you start building good brushing and ...

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How New Research on Cavities Affects Your Kids

Children's Dentistry | Edina MN Dentist

We tell our kids to brush and floss their teeth to avoid "sugar bugs"; however, new research is indicating that this may not be enough for around 23% of children.

While we know that bacteria are responsible for tooth decay and cavities, researchers are finding that certain fungi may also play a role for this percentage of children. While scientists work to create a new agent similar to fluoride that can combat this issue, here's how your family dentist in Edina can help protect your child's oral health.

Consistent Dental Care

Starting at around age two, we welcome children to 50th and France Dental Care. We know these early relationships we create ...

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What Is the Most Common Chronic Illness in American Kids? Tooth Decay!

Children's Dentistry | Edina MN Dentist

One of the most chronic health issues children face today is also one of the most preventable: tooth decay. According to the Centers for Disease Control, cavities are especially common in children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 19.

Although fluoridated water has gone a long way in improving the rate of dental cavities in children, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Making sure to take kids to their pediatric dentist in Edina twice each year for checkups and cleanings is one way to lower the incidence of cavities. Better home care can also help.

Motivating Children to Practice Good Oral Health Care at Home

If you are ...

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Solutions to the Top 3 Reasons Patients Avoid the Dentist

Avoiding the Dentist | 50th and France Dental Care

At 50th and France Dental Care, we understand that patients stay away from the dentist for a number of reasons. 

Some of the most common concerns we hear include:

  1. I am afraid of the dentist.
  2. It does not work in my schedule.
  3. Dentistry is too expensive.

A recent survey came out that shows the dentist as being the number one health care provider that people would like to see more often because they recognize the importance of good oral health. They also state that taking care of their oral health builds their confidence. You can check out the survey results here.

At 50th and France Dental Care, we want to make it ...

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