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What It Means to be a General Dentist

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Just as you have a primary care doctor, you also need a primary dentist who diagnoses, treats, and manages all your oral health care needs. It may surprise you, however, that you may see your Edina, MN, general dentist even more often than your primary doctor.

That is because most dental visits are for preventative or diagnostic care, such as cleanings and x-rays. (How many times have you seen your primary care doctor for preventative care? Probably not many!) Another reason most people see their general dentist more often is because a dentist performs tests in-house, while primary doctors usually send you elsewhere for tests.

As you can see, your general dentist ...

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Tobacco and Oral Health

Tobacco and Oral Health | 50th and France Dental Care

By now, almost everyone is aware that every package of cigarettes contains a warning label. When most people see that label, they generally think about smoking-related diseases like lung cancer and emphysema. What many people don’t know is that tobacco use can actually make people more prone to gum disease, which in turn can lead to tooth loss.

There are a number of issues regarding oral health and tobacco use the people should know about, and these should also be covered with you dentist in your next family dentistry visit in Edina.

Oral Health Problems Related to the Use of Tobacco

Gum disease, which is a bacterial infection, can destroy the soft ...

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Treating Elderly Patients

Senior Dentistry in Edina MN, 50th and France Dental Care

According to the American Dental Association, by the year 2030, the number of adults in the United States who are 65 years old or older will reach 72 million. This is a whopping 20 percent of the total U.S. population and is double the number of older adults in the year 2000. If you are an older adult, there are special considerations for you when it comes to dental care. Let’s take a look at what it can mean to treat elderly patients when it comes to family dentistry in Edina.

Considerations When Treating Older Dental Patients

When it comes to treating older dental patients, practices are aware of the following ...

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Root Canals

man holding jaw from pain | Dentist Edina MN

Severe pain in one of your teeth is often a sign of extensive tooth decay. Though seeing your dentist when you know there is something wrong can be scary, it is important that they remove the infection before it spreads to the bone and causes further damage. The most common treatment for extensive tooth decay is root canal therapy. At 50th and France Dental Care, we understand that many people associate root canals with pain, but most of our patients are in less pain after the root canal than they were before.

What is a Root Canal?

When tooth decay has spread past the enamel and dentin and has reached ...

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Proper Oral Care

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Proper Oral Care

Brush twice daily. We are told to do this from a young age in order to maintain our oral health. Yet, brushing incorrectly can be almost as harmful as not brushing at all and if you don’t pair good brushing habits with flossing, mouthwash, and drinking lots of water, you aren’t getting the full clean you need to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. The dentists at 50th and France Dental Care strive to give you and your family the best dental care in the Edina, MN area, yet true oral health starts at home.

Best Oral Care Practices

Brushing – Brushing your teeth requires more than a toothbrush ...

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Tips for Oral Care

Little girl eating watermelon | Pediatric Dentist Edina MN

Cleanings are an important aspect of maintaining good oral hygiene and can mean the difference between major dental problems and easy, inexpensive treatments. Yet, while scheduling a cleaning once every six months is imperative, it is also vital to create good habits at home as well. Sustaining optimum oral health goes beyond simply brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash but also being aware of what foods you eat, what you drink, and protecting your teeth. The dentists at our Edina, MN office have great tips for proper oral care!

Care In-between Cleanings

Brushing – Everyone knows that you should brush at least twice daily, but brushing with a cheap toothbrush can ...

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