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3 Ways That Same-Day Crowns Benefit You

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Innovative CEREC technology has completely revolutionized the way that dentists deliver crowns. Instead of relying on a dental laboratory that could take weeks to craft a porcelain crown, CEREC allows dentists to design and mill crowns for patients right in their own office while the patient waits! This is clearly the biggest benefit of CEREC, but here are some advantages that make dental implants in Edina an excellent choice.  

Streamlining the Process

CEREC technology not only makes completing a crown more efficient, but it also makes the process more comfortable. The reason is that CEREC utilizes 3-D technology that allows your dentist to scan an image of your tooth directly to ...

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The Benefits of Same-Day Crowns (CEREC)

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If you've ever needed a dental crown, you know how time-consuming this treatment can be. Fitting two long appointments into your schedule and waiting for one to three weeks for your final restoration can feel daunting! The good news is that your Edina, MN dentist has a revolutionary solution that will save you time and stress when you need a dental crown.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an innovative technology that allows your dentist to complete a crown from start to finish in about 90 minutes. That's right! In one visit, your crown will be custom designed, fabricated from high-quality porcelain, and permanently placed so that you leave your appointment with a ...

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3 Advantages of CEREC Crowns over Conventional Crowns

CEREC Crowns | Edina MN

Enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant has quickly taken a turn for the worse when you feel that telltale crack of your tooth as you bite down.

You've been through this before, and you know that you'll likely need a crown. After a visit to your dentist at 50th and France Dental Care, it's confirmed that you do indeed need a dental crown, and you wonder how you'll ever fit this procedure into your busy schedule.

There is good news, however, when you're told that same-day CEREC crowns in Edina make the process of getting a crown much easier, and your treatment will even be completed during one appointment!

Here are ...

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