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3 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry

a woman holds her mouth in the dental chair | Edina Sedation Dentist

Going to the dentist always scared you as a child, so as an adult you've tried your best to avoid dental visits. This resulted, however, in some problems with your teeth and now you feel embarrassed about how long it's been since you've seen the dentist and how your smile has degraded.

You are not alone – that is the first thing to understand. Many people feel the same way you do and it keeps them from their dental appointments as well. The next thing you should know is that dentistry has improved a lot over the years and there are techniques and options for sedation available to help you feel ...

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Looking For a Change? Think About a Smile Makeover!

A close up of an older woman's smile | cosmetic dentist edina

Do you find yourself hiding your smile in photos or when you meet someone new? Does it feel like you're getting passed over for possible promotions at work? Could it be that your smile is affecting your confidence?

Lack of confidence affects every aspect of your life, from your personal relationships to your performance at work. A beautiful smile builds your self-esteem and boosts your confidence. But what if you weren't born with perfect teeth? Cosmetic dentistry is expensive, right? Not necessarily; a beautiful smile may not be out of reach with smile makeovers in Edina, MN.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a cosmetic treatment plan that is tailored ...

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I've Got Pain in My Tooth What Should I Do?

A man holding his jaw | Edina MN Dentist

That telltale twinge that you felt in your tooth last time you ate ice cream has finally turned into a full blown toothache. In fact, last night you weren't even able to sleep, and now you're having trouble focusing and getting through your day because of the pain. It's time for you to contact your dentist in Edina so you can eliminate your discomfort and get back to your life.

What Is Causing My Pain?

When you are experiencing a toothache that is constant, it is likely indicating that there is decay affecting the root of your tooth and causing an infection. Dental infections often start off as a tooth that is ...

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3 Dental Procedures That Can Transform the Health of Your Smile

Image of individual smiling after transformed smile

A healthy smile is just as important as a beautiful smile, and typically they go hand in hand. Let's take a look at three very different dental procedures that will not only give you a dazzling smile, but they also improve your oral health.

A Dental Crown

When you have a tooth that has been fractured, cracked, or damaged by tooth decay, a dental crown can save the day. A dental crown is designed to fit over your remaining tooth structure and replaces your entire tooth while leaving your natural root intact. A crown closely mimics your natural tooth, so you will still enjoy all the same function of eating, chewing, brushing, and ...

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Want to Make an Investment in Long-Term Dental Health? Choose Dental Implants

A man and his wife smile at each-other | Edina, MN dental implants

You've struggled for many months now with a tooth that's been failing. As the days go by, it becomes increasingly difficult to chew and eat your food. You also find yourself hiding your teeth more often when you talk or smile at other people for fear they will catch a glimpse of your compromised tooth. You know you are going to lose this tooth soon, but you're not sure how to replace it. Dental implants in Edina may be the solution you need, and here's why they're the best choice.

Dental Implants Look and Feel Natural

A dental implant replaces both your root and your tooth, so it closely mimics your natural ...

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What to Look for When Choosing a New Dentist in Edina, MN

A team of medical professionals stands and smiles | Edina MN Dentist

Have you been thinking, "I need to find a dentist near me, but how do I know who to trust?" Finding the right providers for your family can be challenging, especially when all of your family members have different needs. Here are some helpful things to consider when looking for your next dentist in Edina.

Does the Office Welcome Children?

If you have kids, it's so important to find a dentist they feel comfortable working with so they will be successful at the dental office in the future. Many patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety report that is stemmed from a bad experience they had at the dentist in the ...

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I Broke My Crown! Now What?

A woman holds her hand up to her mouth | crowns and bridges edina mn

You're enjoying your favorite hard candy when you feel that telltale crunch. Your situation takes a turn for the worse when you figure out that it's your crown that broke. Your tooth is beginning to feel sensitive to cold and pressure, what should you do?

Contact your dentist in Edina right away as your tooth will need treatment as soon as possible.

What is a Crown?

A dental crown is typically made of porcelain and designed to fit over the remaining portion of a damaged, injured, fractured, or decayed tooth. A crown is shaped and shaded like your natural tooth so it protects your root and restores function to your bite. 

When Your Crown ...

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