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What makes CEREC crowns different as traditional crowns?

close up of woman's smile | Dentist in Edina MNWhen we talk to our patients who have stayed away from the dental office for a while, a few things come up that often get in the way of staying on top of dentistry. One of those factors is that patients today are busier than ever and it’s tough to take time out of your schedule for multiple dental appointments to complete treatment. By implementing CEREC same-day crowns into our services at our Edina dental office, we make faster treatment possible.

The process is much shorter!

Unlike traditional dental crowns, we can complete CEREC crowns in one day without the need for a follow-up appointment to place your final restoration.

Another difference CEREC offers is that CEREC crowns are durable and esthetic, eliminating the dark margin at the gumline that is common with porcelain and metal crowns. This provides a more natural appearance without a dark line near the gums, something that many patients tell us improves their self-confidence.

We prioritize care!

Finally, continuity of care is incredibly important to many of our patients. When creating dental crowns in our Edina dental office, our dentists control the entire process from start to finish. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence gives our patients a reason to smile.

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