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I have a broken tooth โ€“ how can I get it fixed? Do you do general dentistry?

Our dentists are trained in a wide range of procedures, from general dentistry treatments to more advanced procedures. While we are pleased to offer our advanced services for our patients' convenience, we still understand the importance of the basics! We offer all general dentistry treatment options at 50th and France Dental Care.

Where do I start?woman holding tooth from pain | Dentist Edina MN

If you have a specific concern such as a broken tooth, we offer a no charge consultation with one of our dentists. We can examine the area and provide treatment options at no cost to you. Depending on the severity, treatment for a broken tooth can range from polishing sharp edges, placing a tooth-colored filling or crown, performing a root canal, or extracting the tooth and placing a bridge or implant.

We are proud to offer all of the above treatment options to our patients under one roof. In addition, our dentists have extensive experience in providing sedation dentistry, and we were one of the first general dentists in the state certified to provide conscious sedation to our patients. If you're nervous about getting that broken tooth fixed, ask about sedation dentistry options during your consultation.

Be sure to get in touch with us!

If you are in need of general dentistry services or would like to schedule your free consultation to address a specific concern, contact our Edina dental office today.

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