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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): General Dentistry

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We want you to feel confident in your choice of 50th and France Dental Care for your family's dental needs. To help save you time, we've assembled and answered some of the most frequently asked questions we hear.

If you still have questions that are not covered here or elsewhere on the website, don't hesitate to call us! Many questions can be answered easily over the phone, and if your question is more in-depth, we can schedule a consultation appointment.

General Dentistry

Woman holding jaw from pain l dentist edina mnIf you have a broken tooth, one of our trusted Edina, MN dentists can repair it and get you back to normal in no time. 

Every member of our dental team knows how to administer a wide range of treatments, from basic services like teeth cleanings to more advanced services. We have the knowledge needed to restore your broken tooth and to get you healthy once more.

Broken Tooth Appointments 

When you have a broken tooth that needs treatment, you can schedule a broken tooth appointment with our clinical team. We will examine the damaged area and provide you with your different treatment options so that you can make the best decision for your smile. 

Treatment for a broken tooth can be minor as long as the break is small. Remedies for a slightly broken tooth in Edina, MN include polishing sharp, pointy tooth edges or placing a tooth-colored dental filling in the area. 

If your tooth break is more significant, we may fit you for a porcelain dental crown to cover the injured area. 

Occasionally, patients come to us with broken teeth that are beyond repair. If your breakage is severe and your tooth is compromised, we can safely extract the tooth and create a beautiful dental restoration such as an implant or a dental bridge.

Fix Broken Teeth in Edina, MN 

To schedule a dental appointment to fix a broken tooth, please call our dental office today. 

Woman in dental chair getting a dental cleaning from male dentistEvery patient, regardless of the state of their oral health, should visit their dentist at least twice per year. 

Some patients with health challenges such as gum disease need to visit three, four, or even more times every year. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should plan on seeing your Edina dentist every six months.

I brush and floss diligently at home. Does this mean I can go to the dentist less often?

If you brush and floss every day, congratulations! Good at-home routines are one part of maintaining pristine oral health. 

However, brushing and flossing on their own are not enough. You cannot skip dental trips just because you have good at-home oral hygiene. 

Regularly visiting your dentist in Edina is also an essential part of keeping your teeth happy and healthy. Why? Because there are oral health issues that only your dentist can spot. Gum disease, for example, can live in your mouth without any symptoms. Having our dentists identify any potential problems before they get out of hand is the best way to protect your smile. 

My mouth feels fine. Do I still need to go to the dentist?

If your teeth feel healthy, that’s a step in the right direction! The only way to make sure your mouth stays on track, however, is by keeping your dental appointments

Patients with healthy teeth keep their teeth healthy by going to the dentist like clockwork even when everything feels normal. 

Visit Our Edina MN Dental Clinic

You should always visit your Edina, MN dentist every six months even if you don’t think you need to. As an added bonus, you will likely have fewer dental emergencies when you keep up with your professional teeth cleanings!

man holding jaw in pain | Edina MN dentistDental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. None the less, if you're in pain, it should be considered an emergency. In the case of an emergency, we will try to see you as soon as possible.

Call Our 55424 Dental Clinic

Please call our dental clinic at (952-922-5561) to find out our soonest availability.  

Man looking pensive | Dentist edina MNIf you are noticing that your teeth are much shorter than when you were younger, you may be grinding your teeth. Many people do this at night and some are unaware they are doing it.  For some people, it is a constant habit.  For others, it occurs during times of stress.

Indicators Of Grinding Or Clenching

Do you wake up noticing some muscle tension near your jaw? This could be a strong indicator of night-time grinding or clenching. Do you notice holding your teeth together tightly during the day? If you are grinding or clenching, it would be beneficial for you to wear an occlusal guard to protect your teeth from further wear.

Contact Our Edina Dental Clinic

If you're noticing issues with your teeth seeming worn down or shorter than they used to be please give our Edina, MN dental office a call. We can discuss your options and get you scheduled for an appointment at your convenience. 

At your first dental visit, you can count on meeting a kind staff and gentle but skilled dentist!

Our best dentist in Edina, MN provides a thorough dental checkup, including a visual exam of your teeth and gums. We also take fresh x-rays to ensure no oral health conditions lurk below the surface, and we provide an oral cancer screening.family of three hugging outside l dental office edina mn  

Your dentist may also talk to you about your oral and health history so that we can provide the best dentistry for your needs.

We Focus On Prevention & Restoration

As with many dental offices, we also like to do professional teeth cleaning. This cleaning rids your teeth and gums of cavity-causing bacteria and plaque. It also lowers your risks for root infections and gum disease.

In our Edina, MN dental office, we emphasize prevention because we understand that regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings lower your risks for most preventable conditions. This means less time in the dental chair down the road, which saves you money.

We follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation of two preventive dentistry visits per year.

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You into Our Edina Dental Office

If you’re considering our dental office as your new dental home, we are thrilled. Give us a call today if you have questions or to schedule your first appointment.

Routine dental cleanings in Edina, MN are one of tman sitting in dental exam chair smiling l dental cleanings edina mnhe best ways to protect both your dental health and your overall well-being. Better yet, if you have dental insurance, these essential visits are typically covered, which means little to no out-of-pocket cost for you.

Why Should I Have Routine Dental Cleanings in Edina, MN?

Teeth cleanings are an integral part of your health care routine for a couple of reasons. First, science has shown clear connections between gum disease and other health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even dementia. Having routine teeth cleanings every six months removes the excess plaque and bacteria that can contribute to gum disease, and this protects both your oral health and your overall health.

Removing the plaque that you miss during your home care routine also protects your teeth from the damage that tooth decay causes. Often, when your dentist in Medina detects tooth decay in its earliest stages, you can reverse the condition in some cases or have the option of treating your cavity with a less invasive procedure like a dental filling. 

Contact Our Dental Office To Learn More

The bottom line is that consistent preventive dental care helps you save time and money while protecting your overall well-being. If you're looking for family dentistry in Edina, MN, we invite you to contact 50th and France Dental Care to schedule an appointment.

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