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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

Woman getting teeth whitened | Dentist Edina MNThe Zoom whitening is well-known for its ability to quickly brighten a discolored or yellowed smile. When you come to your Edina, MN dentist 50th and France for teeth whitening, you can expect a simple procedure that takes just about an hour from the start of the whitening procedure to completion.

Dental Evaluation and Cleaning

Prior to starting the procedure, your dentist will evaluate your teeth and recommend that you receive a teeth cleaning. After that, there will be some preparation involved so your lips and gums will be covered and protected during the treatment. Then your dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.

What makes the Zoom whitening system special is that it incorporates the use of a light that works to penetrate the teeth during the whitening procedure. This helps break up stains that have built up on the teeth for years.

While the gel remains on your teeth—for about 45 minutes—you can just relax in your chair. You can listen to music, read, or watch TV while you wait for your smile to be many shades whiter than when you walked into the office.

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Using at-home trays occasionally after undergoing in-office whitening can help your smile stay bright and white for months to come. Call your Edina, MN dentist to learn more about Zoom teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening costs vary by system and any needed pretrwoman holding smart phone smiling l teeth whitening edina mneatments. However, professional teeth whitening in Edina, MN is one of the least expensive cosmetic dentistry options around!

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

With professional teeth whitening, we can lift away stubborn tooth stains and leave you with a whiter and brighter smile. And we offer Zoom Teeth Whitening in Edina because it has long been a patient favorite. This at-home system not only brightens your teeth, but you can also use it to touch up your smile in the future.

This professional whitening system includes whitening trays and a professional-strength bleaching gel. You use a spot of gel in each tooth receptacle and then wear the trays according to the instructions provided by our dental office. Across the weeks, you’ll notice your teeth lightening.

It all starts with a consultation in our Edina dental office. Your dentist may recommend pretreatments like teeth cleaning prior to whitening. This removes plaque and tartar to help the gel better penetrate your enamel. Your dentist may also take x-rays if you have not been to the office in a while. We want to make sure there are no underlying oral health issues like small cavities.

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Teeth whitening is an excellent way to prepare your smile for an upcoming wedding or social event. Reach out today to get started.  

If you’re eager to create a beautiful, shining smile, but you’re not sure how to go about brightening your appearance, the solution may be easier and faster than you think. Not all smile fixes are invasive, expensive, or time-consuming. Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular smile fixes, and it’s also one of the easiest ways to upgrade your look. 

At 50th and France Dental Care, we provide take-home teeth whitening kits to our patients to make the teeth whitening experience as convenient as possible. With our easy-to-use take-home kits, there’s no need to waste time sitting in a dental chair. You can achieve a whiter smile in only a couple of weeks while lounging on the sofa, working on your computer, or cleaning the house.

Brightening your smile has never been easier!

Cosmetic Dentist in Edina, MN

Professional teeth whitening offers you the opportunity to enhance your smile without undergoing invasive, expensive dental treatments, which is why many cosmetic dentists recommend teeth whitening treatments for patients who want to make simple but effective smile improvements.

Reach out to our dentist in Edina, MN today to ask about take-home teeth whitening options. Dr. Andrew Anderson, Dr. Mary Flynn, and Dr. Rachel Holm are all dedicated to helping their patients create and maintain beautiful, bright smiles, and they would be happy to help you with your dental needs.

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