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At What Age Should My Child Start Visiting the Dentist?

August 26, 2021
Posted By: 50th and France Dental Care Team
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Your child's first visit to the dentist should be around 12 months old or within a month six months of the appearance of their first tooth. To many people, this may sound quite early. They worry that their child will respond poorly. Our specially trained staff and dentists are experts at children's dental care, who will ensure the experience is as comfortable as possible, setting them on track for healthy teeth for the rest of their lives.

Other parents might think it's unnecessary because they think nothing could have gone wrong that early? I mean, there is only one tooth, and it's cavity-free, so everything is fine, right? The dentist will do more than check your child's tooth. Total mouth health is important, and so is setting your child on track for healthy teeth for life. 

Why Is Getting My Child to The Dentist So Early Important?

This appointment is critical because it allows the dentist to perform several tests to ensure that the child's mouth, jaw, and teeth develop without issues. Your first appointment with the dentist can provide:

  • helpful guidance for teeth cleaning and oral care
  • tips for safe feeding and avoiding baby bottle related tooth decay
  • information on how to handle thumb sucking and other bad oral habits
  • key insights into your child's mouth development
  • prepares children for regular dentist appointments throughout life
  • can anticipate and prevent problems before they develop or when they manifest with routine dentist visits

50th and France Dental Care Provides Friendly Dentistry for Children in Edina, MN

Our family dental care team is happy to provide family dentistry to local individuals and families. Our staff and dentists have special training and expert experience in children's dentistry. Check out our testimonials and see how our practice has improved the lives of our patients. If you are looking for dentistry for children in Edina, contact us to see what we can do for you.

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