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These days, technology is a part of our everyday lives. From smart phones to laptops, tech has improved the way we do pretty much everything. The dental field is no exception, and at 50th and France Dental Care, our Edina dentists offer the latest technology to make your dental experience more positive and to provide better outcomes for our patients.

In addition to digital x-rays, which provide 90% less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays and give your dentist in Edina a clearer picture of what's happening in your mouth, we also offer a range of dental technology to help you, the patient. Whether it's dental crowns in one appointment, faster healing from periodontal disease, or a more in-depth look at your teeth using lasers, we provide you with access to some of the best technology available in dentistry today.

image of tooth colored composite fillings

Non-Mercury (Non-Silver) Fillings

While silver amalgam fillings have been widely used for decades, today we’re finding more attractive and effective methods for treating tooth decay. Tooth-colored fillings are made of a composite of plastic resin and porcelain particles. You may also hear them referred to as “composites,” or “composite fillings.”

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Unlike amalgam fillings, tooth-colored composites bond directly to the tooth. This allows our dental team in Edina to be more conservative because we remove less healthy tooth structure to create a durable filling. With tooth-colored fillings you are also less likely to experience sensitivity to temperatures as you are with amalgam fillings.

Could You Benefit From Tooth-Colored Fillings?

We’re also sensitive to the fact that many of our patients have expressed concern about metal fillings that contain mercury. At %0th and France Dental Care, we believe that it’s safer to avoid any potential risk if there’s no advantage to be had using amalgam fillings. If you think tooth-colored fillings could benefit your smile, call our dental office in Edina, MN. We can't wait to hear from you!

picture of intraoral imaging with a specially designed camera

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a type of technology that is specially designed for use in dentistry. It is a small handheld instrument that’s used to take precise, highly detailed images of your teeth and gums. Since these images are digital, our dental team can share them with you on a TV screen so you’ll be able to see exactly what we see.

Intraoral cameras help us provide you with the detailed information you need to understand your diagnosis. Using these clear, highly defined images, you’ll be able to see details that may not be visible when you’re viewing your teeth with a handheld mirror.

Intraoral cameras also allow us to save and store your images in our secure computer so that we can build a comprehensive record of your treatments and share them with specialists or your insurance company as needed.

ECM Phantom Overhead HEPA Air Filtration System

We have hospital-grade HEPA air purifiers in each patient room that filters the air to fresh air every 2 minutes.  This is considered the top filtration system by one of the leaders in infection control in dentistry (Rella Christianson).  She recommends it highly over other systems and says, “The ECM Phantom uses overhead HEPA filtration and bathes the local operating area above the dentist, patient’s oral cavity, and attending dental assistant with super-clean air.”  This means that not only has the room been disinfected and sterilized for each patient, but the air has been cleaned too!  

image of a cerec system that integrates cad

Same Day CEREC Crowns

Getting a crown used to be a long, drawn-out process. The crown had to be made in an outside lab, which could sometimes take two weeks or longer. While the crown was being manufactured, a temporary crown would protect the teeth, but these temporary crowns can come loose or break just through regular use. When the crown was finished, placing it required a second visit to the dentist.

Same-Day Dentistry

With the CEREC system, crowns no longer have to take weeks, but can be made in minutes! CEREC uses CAD (computer aided design) software and intraoral photos to create a 3-D model of your mouth, and then your customized crown is milled right in our office. 

image of perio protect guards for treatment gel that helps fight gum disease

Perio Protect

According to the American Dental Association, as many as 80% of Americans are suffering from some form of gum disease. Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to pain, swollen gums, bad breath, and in severe cases, even tooth and bone loss. Previously, the treatment for gum disease ranged from scaling and root planing (to rid your teeth of dangerous bacteria below the gumline) to surgical intervention (to close the pockets that can develop as gum disease progresses).

Gum Disease Treatment

With Perio Protect, we can now offer a safe and convenient way to help treat gum disease at home. Perio Protect uses customized mouth trays to deliver a specially formulated treatment gel to teeth and gums suffering from gum disease. It is a certified FDA medical device. Wearing the trays for just a few minutes a day can help improve your outcome significantly. Used in combination with scaling and root planing and other periodontal treatments, Perio Protect offers a significant boost to your mouth's healing process.

image of a less invasive tool that detects tooth decay


When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, early detection is vital. Catching tooth decay in its early stages allows your Edina dentist to practice conservative dentistry, minimizing the invasiveness of your treatment and treating decay before it becomes painful or causes irreversible damage to your teeth.

With DIAGNOdent, we are able to get a more comprehensive picture of your tooth and any beginning decay. DIAGNOdent uses laser technology to highlight the small spots of decay that a physical exam and even digital x-rays might miss. The DIAGNOdent laser is safe and effective in diagnosing early signs of decay in most teeth. Using DIAGNOdent in combination with traditional examination tools can help us catch tooth decay in its earliest stages, meaning smaller cavities, less pain, and a faster visit for you.

If you would like to learn more about how dental technology can help you and your family, or if you are due for an examination, contact our Edina dental office today and schedule your appointment.

image of patient and dentist preparing for an xray

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a 2-D type of dental imaging that allows us to send images directly to a computer for storage. In a matter of seconds, we can view the images on a monitor screen. Using digital imagery offers several other advantages over traditional film x-rays. The image is easily manipulated and can be enlarged and enhanced as needed. This helps us see even the tiniest changes that can’t be seen during a visual oral exam.

Digital images can also be sent electronically to a specialist or to a new dentist if you move. Digital image technology significantly reduces the amount of exposure needed to capture the picture. Finally, digital images are better for the environment because we use less resources.

image of a tool that uses advanced laser technology to detect oral issues

Laser Dentistry

Our advanced laser technology allows us to detect problems in your teeth more quickly and repair them with more precision. Faster, safer, and more conservative than traditional dental techniques, soft tissue treatment with lasers benefits people who are anxious about dental procedures or just looking for ways to streamline their treatment.

Dental lasers can minimize post-procedure bleeding and decrease discomfort associated with dental procedures, and provide for quicker healing times.

image of a dental lighting system that illuminates the inside of your mouth during procedures


Isolite is a lighting system that illuminates the inside of your mouth during dental procedures. This gives your dentist a clear view of your teeth, which makes treatment more efficient, meaning you spend less time in the dental chair. 

A soft, pliable Isolite mouthpiece is used to gently rest your teeth on, so you don’t have to deal with muscle soreness while you strain to keep your mouth open during the entire procedure. The Isolite also continuously flushes away fluids in your mouth during the procedure, eliminating the problem of saliva buildup.

State-of-the-Art Sterilization

Your health and safety is our highest priority. We have steps in place to ensure that you receive your dental care in an environment that’s clean and safe. To accomplish this important goal, we’ve implemented state-of-the-art infection control and sterilization procedures.

We put all our instruments through a multi-step procedure to make sure that they’re sterile for the next patient. The instruments are wiped and checked to ensure that they’re free of visible debris. We then put them in a special instrument heat wash to clean and disinfect them.

Finally, our team staff inspects them one more time, seals them in special bags, and places them in an autoclave, a machine that uses heat and pressure to kill all bacteria and viruses. The bags are sealed and remain sterile until they’re opened for the next patient. We also disinfect our treatment rooms with disinfecting wipes and sprays that kill surface bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  

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