Same Day CEREC Crowns in Edina MN

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Many people have busy professional lives or full family schedules that slow them down when it comes to making critical dental appointments. The thought of making multiple trips to your Edina, MN dentist for cosmetic or restorative dental purposes can be off-putting to busy people. In fact, many patients delay scheduling a dental appointment due to time constraints. However, when it comes to dental crowns and restoring your smile; sometimes our patients don’t have time to wait.

Dental crowns are a beautiful and natural restoration for damaged teeth or teeth that have undergone a root canal treatment. Crowns can be used to restore a wide range of dental issues and can be crafted to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. At 50th and France Dental care, your Edina, MN dentist can craft a crown while you wait with the revolutionary CEREC technology to give you a strong, natural restoration in just one visit. Instead of waiting for your dental crown to be custom made, which can take a few weeks, you can get it done immediately!

What Is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction; it is a machine that utilizes modern technological advances to take detailed impressions of your teeth and create customized permanent crowns right in our dental office. CEREC machines use 3D imaging software, or CAD, to create dental crowns that match the rest of your smile. The CEREC system also skips temporary crown placement while a permanent crown is made in a third-party lab. With CEREC, our Edina, MN dental office can offer you same-day crowns for your convenience!. CEREC crowns can be crafted to match your natural teeth through color-matching and staining.

In most cases, a CEREC crown is as good or better than a lab-created crown. Of course, every smile is different, but generally, CEREC will offer more advantages than a traditional crown. It preserves more of the natural tooth and eliminates the dark metal collar near the gum line of a traditional crown. Your Edina, MN dentist will advise you of your options and whether CEREC is the right choice for your situation.

Why Is Restorative Dentistry Important?

Restorative dentistry is just what its name implies; the aim is to restore the look and function of your smile. This dentistry applies to patients who need dental work to restore missing teeth or fix some aspect of their smile. This branch of dentistry is broad and covers many dental issues, including missing teeth, gum disease, tooth decay, and overall care of all parts of the mouth.

At 50th and France Dental Care, we often combine restorative dentistry with cosmetic dentistry to restore the beauty of your smile along with oral function. Your dentist could restore your missing tooth with a prosthetic that doesn’t look or feel natural; or you could invest in recreating your original tooth down to its shape, size, and color.

The Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

Convenience: When you need to restore your smile quickly due to a broken tooth, discoloration, or other smile issues; making multiple trips to the dentist can be the worse part of the whole experience for some patients. CEREC saves you time while giving you better results through the use of advanced dental technology. CEREC same-day restorations apply to inlay and onlays; many visits are done in under two hours.

Quality: Since CEREC crowns in Edina, MN are created from one block of solid metal-free ceramic; CEREC crowns can withstand more pressure that comes with chewing food. The specialized material has a longer lifespan than more traditional crowns, and with proper care and maintenance can last you for years.

Efficient: CEREC doesn’t require molds or impressions that may be messy or take time. Instead, this modern dental technology can efficiently and quickly take photos of your teeth to create dental crowns. You can skip having to wear temporary crowns for weeks; since temporary crowns don't firmly adhere to the tooth, they require more delicacy and care when eating. CEREC crowns eliminate this step, making them a convenient option for our Edina, MN patients.

Reduces waste: Using 3-D imaging with CAD software creates precise models of your mouth that don’t require extra material that molds usually require. The dental crown fits your tooth precisely, with little adjustments needed. Accuracy: The CAD software used for CEREC is so accurate that your missing tooth can be replicated down to its size and shape; and will blend in naturally with the rest of your smile. Our Edina, MN patients who want their exact tooth restored to look like the original won’t be able to tell the difference. CEREC Technology | Dentist Edina MN

How Does CEREC Work?

The CEREC system uses 3-D digital imaging and modeling software to create a three-dimensional model of your mouth. This model is then used to design a crown that will fit over the damaged or compromised tooth for an immediate aesthetic improvement that also offers protection for the remaining tooth structure. The machine can make models by combining x-rays, photographs to create digital impressions of your teeth.

Once the 3-D imaging software has determined the best match for your restoration, your crown is milled from a block of special ceramic to the exact specifications using the CEREC manufacturing software. After the crown is complete, your Edina, MN dentist will test the crown's fit, make any necessary minor adjustments to the shape or color, polish the crown, and cement it into place. Due to the precision used in CEREC, very few alterations are needed.

Are CEREC Crowns Reliable?

With the current CEREC technology, CEREC-crafted crowns have an excellent long-term success rate, usually lasting ten years or more. This is comparable to the expected life of traditional porcelain-over-metal crowns, and in many cases, CEREC crowns are even more reliable than gold crowns. Digital imaging also gives a better and more reliable model for crafting the crown than physical impressions, which can be warped by movement during the impression process. This ensures a better fit and a lower chance of developing decay along the margins, the space between your natural tooth and the crown.

Are You a Good Candidate for CEREC Crowns?

If your dentist has recommended a new crown, onlay, or inlay, you may be a candidate for a CEREC crown in Edina, MN. Many of our patients who qualify for any smile restoration dental procedures can usually be eligible for a CEREC restoration. Speak with your dentist at 50th and France Dental Care to see if CEREC may be a perfect dental option for you.

Find Out if CEREC Crowns in Edina Are Right for You

From frown to crown in just one visit, CEREC crowns can have you smiling today. Call our Edina, MN dental office now for more information about the CEREC system or to schedule a dental exam. With the CEREC system, you will experience efficient and timely tooth restoration dentistry from 50th and France Dental Care. Our dental staff works together to give our patients the best dental treatment possible.