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Do You Have an Anxious Child? Here's How We Help Make Dental Care Easy

December 16, 2017
Posted By: Rachel K. Holm, DDS
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Like many adults, some children experience anxiety or fear when they visit the dentist. Children have unique needs when it comes to dentistry, and it's important to work with a dentist who understands this. Here are some ways that you and your dentist can help make your child's experience pleasant and stress-free.

Begin at an Early Age

Your child can begin seeing the dentist around their first birthday, and they should visit their dentist for checkups every six months just like you do. While this may seem early, these visits help to acclimate your child to sitting in the dental chair (with you at first), letting the dentist look at their teeth, and learning that visiting the dentist doesn't have to be a scary experience.

Don't Project Your Own Fears

Even if your experience with the dentist hasn't always been the best, be sure not to share these feelings or project any of your own fears of the dentist onto your child. Use positive words and phrases like "sugar bugs" to describe how the dentist helps, and don't include words like "hurt" or "pain."

Talk About Their Appointment Beforehand

Talk with your child about their appointment before they go. There are many great children's books about visiting the dentist, and you can even bring their favorite stuffed animal along for comfort.

You may want to consider bringing your little one along to your own cleaning and checkup so they can see what happens during the appointment. This will help them understand that the dentist is not a scary place.

Contact Our Edina MN Dental Practice

If your child is ready to visit the dentist, your team at 50th and France Dental Care is here to help! We offer comprehensive family dentistry in Edina and we love to work with children. Give us a call today to schedule your child's next appointment.

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