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When to Call Our Office for a Dental Emergency

December 19, 2018
Posted By: Rachel K. Holm, DDS
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Sometimes it’s hard to know if you are indeed experiencing a dental emergency. When is the right time to contact your emergency dentist in Edina, MN? Here are three situations that require immediate attention and what you should do until you reach your dentist.

 A Constant and Severe Toothache

Is your tooth keeping you awake at night? Is your face noticeably swollen? Are you having trouble thinking clearly through the pain?

If your pain is this severe, it is likely that your tooth is infected or abscessed. This situation will not resolve on its own. Unfortunately, your tooth is not going get better without treatment, so be sure to call your dentist right away.

Root canal therapy can often relieve your discomfort and alleviate your infection if you seek treatment as soon as possible. 

A Knocked Out Tooth

A tooth that has been completely dislodged from your mouth has only a short window of time to be saved, so don’t waste any time contacting your dentist.

You’ll need to transport your tooth carefully. Try to replace it into its socket if you can. If not, use milk to keep your tooth moist and the cells alive until you can get to your emergency dentist in Edina.

A Broken Tooth

A tooth that is broken is not only uncomfortable in your mouth, but it’s also embarrassing. Gather the pieces of your tooth if you can and bring them to your dentist. Sometimes dental bonding is sufficient to repair a broken tooth. Otherwise a porcelain veneer or crown may do the job.

At 50th and France Dental Care, our team is here for you when you need us most! Don’t hesitate to call us right away if you or a loved one needs emergency care. In many cases, we can provide same-day dentistry. Contact us today!

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