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Dental Options to Replace Your Missing Tooth

May 8, 2022
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Your Edina, MN, dentist always recommends replacement if you have a missing tooth. A complete smile contributes to confidence but also to your oral health.

Let’s explore how we lose teeth and the excellent methods for replacing them.

Reasons You Might Lose a Tooth

Patients lose teeth for various reasons, but one of the most common is extraction because of damage or decay.

Often, your dentist can restore a decayed tooth with a tooth-colored filling or a same-day dental crown, but if the decay is severe and the damaged widespread, extraction may be the best solution.

You can also lose a tooth due to injury—a sudden elbow to the mouth during a sporting event, for example. If your tooth is knocked out, try keeping it moist in a water container and then call your emergency dentist in Edina, MN. With timely intervention, we may be able to save the tooth by resetting it into the gum. However, if the tooth cannot be saved, we offer functional and beautiful solutions.

Another reason for tooth loss is advanced or untreated gum disease. Gum disease means infection in the periodontal ligaments and tooth-supporting tissues. Typically, it starts as the reversible form called gingivitis.

Gum disease is not reversible, but we can treat it to prevent tooth loss and infection spread. Signs of gum disease include:

  • Loose or mobile teeth
  • Gum pocketing and inflammation
  • Bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth
  • Bleeding gums, especially during your oral hygiene routine

Without treatment, gum disease can mean more than tooth loss. Studies link gum disease to pulmonary complications and certain types of dementia.

No matter the cause of your lost tooth or teeth, your Edina, MN dentist has solutions to fit your restoration goals. We use the latest technologies and techniques to give you back your smile!

Missing Tooth Replacement in Edina, MN

Your dentist has you into our office for a friendly discussion and exam to go over our tooth replacement options in greater detail. We want to ensure that your choice provides lasting results and is the right choice for your smile goals.

Dental Bridge

The dental bridge is a fantastic tooth replacement option. It is a fixed restoration that does not move or slip, and it can only be removed by your dentist.

The bridge is a more practical and stable solution than the denture or partial.

A dental bridge relies on crowns for support. There is an artificial tooth or teeth between these crowns to close your smile gap. The crowns cap the healthy teeth for a fixed and stable tooth replacement.

We recommend using a floss threader and bridge cleaning brush to clean your dental bridge. These products keep the bridge clean and the area beneath the bridge at the gumline healthy. Keeping the gums clean and healthy is crucial and contributes to the bridge's longevity.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the top choice of most dentists because they restore all parts of ost teeth, including the roots. When you replace the lost root, you help guard against jawbone loss and deterioration, a natural occurrence when you lose a tooth.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root with the capacity to integrate into the jawbone. The integration allows for a stable and lasting tooth replacement.

Your Edina, MN, implant dentist caps your implant with a dental crown when integration completes. You can also discuss implant-supported dentures and bridges with our team. A handful of implants, usually no more than six, can support a complete denture.

Benefits of Tooth Replacement

Besides restoring confidence, tooth replacement prevents your teeth from shifting.

Consider that your teeth are arranged on the gum, contributing to your bite force and oral function. When you lose a tooth, those left behind start to move, invading the empty spaces. Soon, your bite is off, and you’re putting a lot of stress on certain teeth above others. Eventually, you’ll notice wear and possibly breakage or an increase in cavities.

Dental implants, unlike other options, also support jawbone health.

Contact Your Edina, MN, Dentist

Replacing lost teeth is crucial to your future oral health. Give us a call today to arrange your consultation or if you have any questions for our team.

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