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The Evolution of the Family Dentist

November 20, 2018
Posted By: Andrew Anderson, DDS
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Family dentists have become the natural choice for busy families. From routine teeth cleanings and cavity fillings to dental implants and bridgework, a family dentist has received specialized training in a wide range of dental services for all ages. Establishing a long-term relationship with a family dentist in Edina, MN, is how many families have simplified their lives and gained peace of mind.

Who Needs a Family Dentist

While some dentists specialize in treating certain age groups or conditions, a family dentist provides services for both older and younger patients. Whether it’s dentures, crowns, or extractions, a family dentist has comprehensive solutions for all ages. Here are a few reasons why more parents are choosing family dentists over pediatric or general dentists.

  • If you feel overwhelmed by coordinating with different dentists for each family member, you can understand why a “one-stop” dentist works so well for families. A family dentist understands about hectic schedules and can schedule cleanings and other routine visits for all family members on the same day.
  • When you receive continuous, consistent care from the same dentist, you feel more comfortable with the care you receive. Your kids benefit from a long-term relationship with their dentist, too, and can keep the same dentist as they mature. A familiar, friendly face at each visit can help calm anxiety in the dental chair and foster positive attitudes about lifelong oral care.
  • Instead of seeing just a piece of your dental history, your family dentist can plan your treatment with the bigger picture in mind, which benefits you in the long term. If treatment is needed, your family dentist in Edina, MN, will already be familiar with and have access to your history.
  • You benefit from the same advanced technology as a specialized dentist, because family dentists are knowledgeable about a broad range of treatments.

If you are ready to simplify your dental care, it’s time to switch to a family dentist. You will soon see why so many patients depend on this comprehensive option for all their needs.

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