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I've Got Pain in My Tooth What Should I Do?

June 30, 2018
Posted By: Andrew Anderson, DDS
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That telltale twinge that you felt in your tooth last time you ate ice cream has finally turned into a full blown toothache. In fact, last night you weren't even able to sleep, and now you're having trouble focusing and getting through your day because of the pain. It's time for you to contact your dentist in Edina so you can eliminate your discomfort and get back to your life.

What Is Causing My Pain?

When you are experiencing a toothache that is constant, it is likely indicating that there is decay affecting the root of your tooth and causing an infection. Dental infections often start off as a tooth that is sensitive off and on. If the cause of the sensitivity is not treated, tooth decay will progress further into the tooth. Unfortunately, a dental infection won't go away on its own, so don't take more ibuprofen thinking that your tooth will eventually feel better. It's important to seek treatment from your dentist right away.

Treating a Dental Infection

Root canal therapy is the best way to eliminate your infection and your pain. Your dentist will remove the infection from inside your tooth through a small hole in the top. When your tooth is clean and infection free, the access hole is sealed and your tooth is given time to heal.

Due to the nature of a root canal, your tooth will need be rebuilt with a crown or permanent filling to ensure that you enjoy all the function you had before your infection.

Avoiding a Root Canal in Edina MN

If the pain that you're feeling in your tooth is more like sensitivity that comes and goes, this is the perfect time for you contact your dentist in Edina for an examination. Tooth decay that is treated early on can often be eliminated with a less invasive dental filling instead of a root canal.

If you have pain in your tooth, please contact your team at 50th and France Dental Care as soon as possible to be assessed.

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