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The Importance of a Family-Oriented Dental Practice

August 8, 2016
Posted By: Andrew Anderson, DDS
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It’s important for people of all ages, from young children who are just getting their teeth to seniors who might be facing serious dental issues, to take good care of their oral health. At 50th and France Dental Care, we are pleased to offer family dentistry in Edina. From a child’s first time sitting in the dental chair through adulthood, we want to provide your entire family with compassionate care—all through their lives.

Because dental treatment might differ for our patients of all ages, it is important that your dental practice be family-oriented.

Preventive Care for Children

When that first tooth erupts, it’s time to start thinking about teaching your child about good oral health. Beautiful, healthy teeth that last a lifetime start with an early commitment to good preventive care. Good home care is part of that, as are regular trips to a family-oriented dental practice for cleanings and examinations.

Keep in mind too that your child’s first visit is a great opportunity to ensure that dental care continues to be an important part of your child’s wellness routine. Getting into the dentist early is also a great way to stay ahead of common dental conditions such as cavities and gum disease.

Preventive Care for Adults

With a family-oriented dental practice, you can continue seeing the same dentist throughout your ages. Good oral care habits established when we are young carry on naturally as we grow up. At 50th and France Dental Care, doctors and staff are well versed in the latest technology to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy.

When dental issues do arise, we can handle the treatment you need to ensure you retain the form and function of your teeth for years to come.

Preventive Care for Older Adults

As we age, health complications can develop that can make maintaining oral health a bit more challenging. As a family-oriented dental practice,  we are aware of the challenges of keeping mouths healthy as patients age. Regardless of age, all adults need to come in twice each year for examinations and cleanings, even if you are a denture wearer or a dental implant recipient.

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