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Investing in Cosmetic Dentistry

October 10, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Mary O. Flynn, DDS
Cosmetic Dentistry in Edina MN, 50th and France Dental Care

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, yet many people suffer from yellow, dull, crooked, or chipped teeth, lowering their self esteem and confidence. These problems are common, but are also easy to fix. Cosmetic dentistry can give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted. There are several cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help solve all kinds of unsightly issues from discoloration to missing or broken teeth. The dentists at 50th and France Dental Care have extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry so you can feel confident you are getting the best care whether you need a little help or a whole mouth makeover.

We Offer Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry in Edina

Whitening is the fastest, most affordable, and easiest way to rejuvenate a dull smile. In office whitening can remove stains caused by years of smoking, drinking coffee, and eating dark colored foods. Though there are many products you can buy to whiten your teeth from gum and tooth paste to whitening strips and gels, an in office whitening procedure will get you the best results for your money with a lot less time and commitment.

If you have stubborn stains or cracks and chips, your best option would be dental bonding or veneers. Dental bonding procedures use a tooth colored resin that fills in minor cracks, chips, and gaps while still blending in seamlessly to your existing tooth. Veneers are made up of a thin shell that is bonded to your tooth to conceal more extensive damage that composite bonding cannot hide. The shell is often made of a strong porcelain material giving it the look and feel of a natural tooth.

Loosing or severally damaging your tooth or several teeth is devastating. Yet, with dental implants in Edina, you can replace that tooth with a functional and natural looking crown. First, an implant will be placed into the existing bone to provide stability and comfort without relying on and damaging surrounding teeth. A crown will be placed on top of the implant that looks and acts like an actual tooth so you can continue smiling, eating, and drinking whatever you like. The implant will also keep the bone from deteriorating and causing your jaw to lose its shape.

Invest in Your Smile in Edina, MN

With cosmetic dentistry you can easily get a smile you will never want to hide. Investing in a more beautiful smile can also mean investing in your happiness and self confidence. If you live in the area and are unhappy with your teeth, or have been thinking of getting cosmetic dentistry, please contact the dentists at our Edina, MN office for more information or to schedule and appointment today!

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