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What Is A Root Canal?

August 26, 2021
Posted By: 50th and France Dental Care Team
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The root canal is a somewhat infamous dental procedure. In many patients' minds, the procedure plays out like a dental horror story. The truth, however, is much different.

Your dentist will first make sure that you are comfortable and don't feel any pain by using an anesthetic. Then, using specialized equipment, they will drill into the root of the tooth, remove the affected tooth pulp, sanitize it, and seal it. Despite how it may sound, the procedure is not painful and relieves the pain caused by an infected tooth root.

Why Might I Need a Root Canal?

When bacteria enter the tooth's root through a cavity, crack, or weakened enamel, it can infect the soft tissue of the root, frequently causing serve pain. Improved dental hygiene cannot reach the infection if left unchecked the tooth my root through, or infect the gums and jaw.

How Long Does a Root Canal Procedure Take?

The procedure will typically take less than two hours. In extreme cases, it can take two appointments to complete the procedure correctly. Unless you have been under some sedation, you will be able to drive afterward. Local numbness may last for hours, and recovery typically takes days.

What Does It Cost to Get a Root Canal?

Due to the complex nature of the procedure and other factors that can affect the cost of the procedure, you will have to sit down to have a consultation with your Edina, MN, dentist so that they can work with you to create a treatment plan.

Some dental insurance plans can be quite helpful in covering the expenses associated with root canal therapy. 50th and France Dental Care accepts a wide variety of insurance providers and payment options.

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