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3 Solutions Veneers Offer

September 28, 2017
Posted By: Rachel K. Holm, DDS
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A beautiful smile is something that you take for granted – until you don't have it.

If your teeth have sustained wear and tear over the years, you may not feel as confident about your smile as you once did. You may find yourself hiding it in pictures or when you meet someone new. The good news is that your cosmetic dentist in Edina has solutions for you, and dental veneers may be able to help.

Here are three issues porcelain veneers can correct:

Gaps and Spacing between Teeth

Do you have gaps in your smile? Sometimes these spaces widen as your teeth shift over the years. Veneers are capable of changing the shape and length of your teeth to fill in open spaces and even correct slight issues of misalignment.

Discoloration and Staining

Have you tried to whiten your teeth over the years with little to no success? Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that fit over your teeth to cover the stubborn stains or discoloration that diminish your smile. Veneers can also be custom shaded, and they're stain resistant so you can enjoy a whiter, brighter smile without having to worry about whitening your teeth. 

Small Chips and Fractures

Chipping or excessive wear on your teeth change their shape and diminishes the appearance of your smile. Veneers can restore the alignment and shape of your teeth because they're directly bonded to them. They also add strength to your teeth for added longevity to your new smile.

Would You Like to Learn More?

If you'd like to learn more about veneers, your highly skilled team at 50th and France Dental Care can discuss your goals for your smile with you and the benefits porcelain veneers have to offer. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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