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How can I get my broken tooth fixed?

Woman holding jaw from pain l dentist edina mnIf you have a broken tooth, one of our trusted Edina, MN dentists can repair it and get you back to normal in no time. 

Every member of our dental team knows how to administer a wide range of treatments, from basic services like teeth cleanings to more advanced services. We have the knowledge needed to restore your broken tooth and to get you healthy once more.

Broken Tooth Appointments 

When you have a broken tooth that needs treatment, you can schedule a broken tooth appointment with our clinical team. We will examine the damaged area and provide you with your different treatment options so that you can make the best decision for your smile. 

Treatment for a broken tooth can be minor as long as the break is small. Remedies for a slightly broken tooth in Edina, MN include polishing sharp, pointy tooth edges or placing a tooth-colored dental filling in the area. 

If your tooth break is more significant, we may fit you for a porcelain dental crown to cover the injured area. 

Occasionally, patients come to us with broken teeth that are beyond repair. If your breakage is severe and your tooth is compromised, we can safely extract the tooth and create a beautiful dental restoration such as an implant or a dental bridge.

Fix Broken Teeth in Edina, MN 

To schedule a dental appointment to fix a broken tooth, please call our dental office today. 

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