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What happens at my first dental appointment?

At your first dental visit, you can count on meeting a kind staff and gentle but skilled dentist!

Our best dentist in Edina, MN provides a thorough dental checkup, including a visual exam of your teeth and gums. We also take fresh x-rays to ensure no oral health conditions lurk below the surface, and we provide an oral cancer screening.family of three hugging outside l dental office edina mn  

Your dentist may also talk to you about your oral and health history so that we can provide the best dentistry for your needs.

We Focus On Prevention & Restoration

As with many dental offices, we also like to do professional teeth cleaning. This cleaning rids your teeth and gums of cavity-causing bacteria and plaque. It also lowers your risks for root infections and gum disease.

In our Edina, MN dental office, we emphasize prevention because we understand that regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings lower your risks for most preventable conditions. This means less time in the dental chair down the road, which saves you money.

We follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation of two preventive dentistry visits per year.

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You into Our Edina Dental Office

If you’re considering our dental office as your new dental home, we are thrilled. Give us a call today if you have questions or to schedule your first appointment.

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Our office is taking numerous precautions surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak to keep all patients as safe as possible including hospital operating room grade overhead ceiling HEPA air purifiers throughout the office.  This means not only are surfaces throughout the office thoroughly cleaned, but the air is as well.

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