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How can I replace missing teeth?

Once you lose a natural tooth, you must replace it with an artificial substitute to keep your mouth healthy and functioning properly. 

While you always have the option to do nothing and leave the empty tooth space alone, our Edina dental office would never recommend this choice. To maintain a healthy jawbone and excellent oral health, we encourage you to always replace your missing teeth with any one of the following artificial tooth options: 

Discover Dental Implants 

Our dental implants in Edina, MN truly are the best of the best. Most dentists agree that the optimal choice for replacing a missing tooth is a dental implant, as these restorations help sustain your jawbone’s health over time and feel the most like a natural tooth in your mouth. 

You can use a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth or even a whole row of teeth. Dental implants will stand the test of time and maintain their function and structure for a lifetime as long as you properly care for them.

Dental Bridges To Complete Your Smile

Another great option for replacing missing teeth is to use a dental bridge. As its name suggests, a dental bridge bridges a gap left behind by missing teeth and fills in the spaces with an artificial restoration. 

Dental bridges connect to your natural teeth by anchoring to a natural tooth (or an artificial tooth crown that’s on top of a natural tooth) on either end of the bridge. Then, the bridge fills in the gap left behind by your missing tooth or teeth using an artificial tooth that’s connected to the bridge for each tooth lost. 

Learn More About Dental Crowns

Both dental implants and dental bridges rely partially on dental crowns to complete the look and feel of a replacement tooth. Dental crowns also come in handy if you have part of your natural tooth remaining but need to replace a missing tooth crown above the gum line. 

If you have a missing tooth in Edina, MN that you need to replace, please feel free to reach out to one of our three family dentists by calling us at (952) 922-5561 today! 

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