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My teeth look worn and shorter than they did when I was young. What is happening?

Man looking pensive | Dentist edina MNIf you are noticing that your teeth are much shorter than when you were younger, you may be grinding your teeth. Many people do this at night and some are unaware they are doing it.  For some people, it is a constant habit.  For others, it occurs during times of stress. Do you wake up noticing some muscle tension near your jaw? This could be a strong indicator of night-time grinding or clenching. Do you notice holding your teeth together tightly during the day? If you are grinding or clenching, it would be beneficial for you to wear an occlusal guard to protect your teeth from further wear.

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If you're noticing issues with your teeth seeming worn down or shorter than they used to be please give our Edina, MN dental office a call. We can discuss your options and get you scheduled for an appointment at your convenience. 

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