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What is the best treatment for periodontitis?

Periodontitis is the advanced stage of gum disease, and there are several ways to manage it, depending on how advanced your case is and your specific needs. 

Periodontal treatment in Edina, MN, may include one or more of the following procedures depending on your needs:

  • A deep cleaning called scaling and root planing, reaching below the gumline to remove the plaque and bacteria causing your infection.
  • Perio Protect® - Antibiotic therapy to help combat your infection.
  • Gum surgery or soft tissue grafting to eliminate the pockets around your gums housing the bacteria causing your infection.
  • Additional teeth cleanings throughout the year to keep your gum disease under control.

Visiting your Edina dentist every six months for routine teeth cleanings and checkups is the best way to protect yourself against gum disease. Our dentists can detect gum disease as early as possible, giving you the best chance to manage it effectively. In addition, if we catch it in its earliest stage, called gingivitis, we can sometimes help patients reverse their condition.

Since gum disease is closely linked with many non-dental related health concerns, regularly visiting your dentist also protects your overall well-being. 

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