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What type of dental crown will work for my teeth?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped jacket customizeolder couple hugging outside l dental crowns edina mnd to fit over your tooth. It protects the tooth from breakage following trauma or a root canal treatment. If you have missing teeth, the crown acts as your replacement tooth, capping a dental implant, or they work together to anchor a dental bridge. A dental crown in Edina, MN can also conceal tooth flaws, including chips and discoloration.

How Does The Dental Crown Process Work?

Our dentists in Edina offer quality dental crowns in Edina, MN made of ceramic. This includes custom-crafted crowns and CEREC same-day crowns. Your dentist will talk to you about which of these is the best option for your specific case.

Most often, a CEREC same-day crown, made of durable porcelain, is a fantastic option for several reasons:

  • We use digital impressions to create your crown instead of goopy pastes.
  • We can typically create a CEREC crown right here in our dental office while you wait.
  • Your dentist can make final adjustments, and you leave our office with your crown.

CEREC technology means we have our own lab on site. We take digital impressions, send these impressions to software, and create your crown in our milling machine. This is much quicker than waiting weeks for a lab to fabricate your restoration.

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