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Can a person get dental crowns in one day?


Same-day dental crowns in Edina, MN are possible!

Patients at 50th and France Dental Care may worry that dental crowns that can be fabricated the same day may not be as durable as traditional restorations that can take a few weeks to complete. 

There's no need to worry, CEREC fabricated dental crowns are durable and reliable and can last for many years.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown in Edina

A dental crown is a cap that covers the visible part of the tooth and restores strength while also enhancing the attractive look of the tooth. The dental crown bonds to the tooth and helps protect it. 

Same-Day Dental Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Same-day dental crowns allow patients to make one appointment with their Edina dentist and walk out with a beautiful restoration. Your dentist will use modern dental technology to create a 3-D image of your weakened tooth. 

Once we have created the model for your crown, your dentist will fabricate it using a CEREC machine right there at the office. After that is completed, we will be able to prepare your tooth and bond the new dental crown. The entire process can take about an hour. 

Traditional dental crowns typically take two dental visits and several weeks. During your visit, we will examine your oral health to ensure there are no underlying issues. We will make an impression of your tooth and send it to a lab to fabricate it.

How Does The Dental Crown Process Work?

The process of getting traditional crowns usually takes two visits. You can expect your dentist to take x-rays and perform any additional work necessary, like a root canal. He or she will then make an impression of your tooth that a laboratory will use to craft it. The second visit will include replacing the temporary crown with your new permanent restoration. 

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